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Thursday and Friday

Home Learning Thursday 8/07/21 & Friday 9/07/21


Hi Year 1!  I am so sorry that we are not able to see each other for a few days but I promise I will plan a fabulous fun day for the last day of term.  Here is your learning for the rest of this week



I have sent you a Gruffalo workbook that you can use to practise your reading and writing.  Remember to always do your very best handwriting with your letters formed correctly.



Use this link to practise playing some of the free games. We have been working on phases 3 and 4.



I have sent you the next two challenges from our Power Maths unit of work.  You will need a grown up to work through some of the teaching pages with you before you complete the follow up tasks.



I have sent you a quiz to see what you have learned from our unit of work about the animals and plants we might find in our homes and gardens.  I have also sent some location pictures.  Look through the plants and animals pictures and work out which belong to each of the different locations.  Cut them out and stick them on!



Id like you to work with your grown up and use the internet to research London.  You could look at photographs of the famous landmarks, watch videos of what it is like to ride on the underground trains or even go on a virtual tour of the city!  If you have any junk modelling materials, like cardboard boxes, in your recycling you could use them along with paper, scissors and glue to make a model of your favourite landmark!


Here are some links to start you off!



  You know how much I love to see what you have been doing at home so don't forget that your grown up can send pictures to me using the class email address that is at the top of this page.  Don't worry if you can't do this.  We will be having an online catch up every day at 10am and 2:00pm where we can share what we have been doing.  We could even read a story together!