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Tuesday 31st March



Today's task is to cook, bake or make something of your choosing. This could involve making a model of something or helping your adult to cook/ bake something in the kitchen. Once you have finished making your chosen item/ food, write a set of instructions to tell somebody else how to make it. Make sure your instructions are really clear and include details.


Remember to use the following key features of instructions:

  • a 'How to.....' heading
  • A list of ingredients or equipment
  • Numbers for each new step
  • Time adverbials - first, next, then, after that, finally
  • Imperative (bossy) verbs - cut, chop, mix, sprinkle, stick.




Continue with the White Rose interactive learning on Week 2 Lesson 2

Today's learning is all about finding a third of a number or an amount. Remember to watch the helpful video if you're finding it tricky.

Wider curriculum (history)

We can find out about the past in many different ways, one important way is to speak to someone who was alive at the time.

Try interviewing someone in your family who is older than you, perhaps speak to a parent or give a grandparent a phone call. Ask them all about their life when they were growing up. Record what you learn in your work book by either sticking in photos, drawing pictures or writing facts.


Remember to use the Wh questions:


Who?     What?     Where?     When?     Why?