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Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed yesterday's learning and are ready for the next challenge!


Today we are looking at numbers lines again but they are slightly harder because there are fewer in between numbers to help. Do your best and get adult help if you need it. Remember to check the 100s first, then the 10s and then the 1s when deciding where to add numbers to the number line.




For today's activity you'll need 3 different colours; one for verbs, one for nouns and one for adjectives.

Today we are looking at verbs, nouns and adjectives which you will have heard of before but may have forgotten what they mean so I've put a reminder in you pack for each one. I'd like you to read through the text I've given you, and added below, then I'd like you to underline all the verbs in one colour, the nouns in another colour and the adjectives in another colour. Remember to underline carefully and get an adult to help where you are not sure.



Today we are investigating skeletons in animals and humans and finding out who has which type of skeleton because there is more than one type.

Read through the file below and then fill in the work sheets - there are two of them in your pack and remember to choose the one that you feel you can do without too much help from an adult.