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Good morning Year 3 I hope you enjoyed your learning form yesterday and are ready for the next lessons.

In maths we are going to be learning how to multiply by 3 and looking at different ways of doing that and in English we will be doing some more work on Little Red Riding Hood which I think you'll enjoy as it's more drawing than writing and you'll need to think up some actions to go with the story. 


Our Science is all about rocks and you'll be carefully studying a power point and then filling in a sheet all about rocks - all the information you'll need is in the power point so don't worry.




You'll need to think about grouping things equally in this lesson so you'll need counters, lego bricks or anything small you can group together.

Remember if you get stuck email me and I'll try to help.

TT Rockstars will help with this learning so make sure you  log on at least once a day - I'll be checking!



Today we will be breaking down the story of Little Red Riding Hood into simple sentences and pictures, here's and example of what I want. I think we can have some fun with this.



Please make sure you log onto Bug Club to read one of your books and remember to continue reading anything you have at home.



Have a good read of the power point and fill in the sheet in your pack, remember all the information you need is in the power point or if you wish you can Google added information for your own learning.