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Hello year 2! I hope you are all well.


Here are your learning activities for today. Don't forget to log on to your live group sessions with me this morning for English and Maths.



We are going to carry on looking at Dougal's Deep Sea Diary today. We will be practicing using expanded noun phrases to describe what Dougal saw when he went diving and found the treasure.


  • Can you remember 3 different things that Dougal saw inside the treasure chest?


We are going to use this picture to write from today.


An expanded noun phrase includes adjectives and nouns. A noun is a person, place or thing. An adjective is a describing word that usually describes the noun.


Task 1

In the treasure chest, Dougal found 2 crowns, some golden coins and an map.

  • For each of the 3 things, write down 3 adjectives that could describe them. These can be written in your literacy book.


Task 2

We are going to use these adjectives to write some expanded noun phrases. 

Expanded noun phrases are usually written     adjective, adjective noun.


I would like you to write some sentences describing what Dougal saw when he found the treasure chest. 

Here are some examples to get you started:

 Dougal saw some small, golden coins.

 He saw an old, hand-drawn map.


Make sure for each sentence you use capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop. Remember to think carefully about the size of your letters and your handwriting.


In today's lesson we will be carrying on looking at money. Today's focus is counting money in pence.


Maths warm up

Practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s using our physical warm up actions.


Counting pence

When you are counting coins, always look whether it is a 1p, 2p, 5p or 10p coin. Use your skills of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to help you.  Complete the worksheet in your packs counting the coins in the jar.


To continue learning about counting pence use this video from White Rose Maths


You don't have the worksheet in your packs, however I have uploaded it below for you to use.

Reading and phonics

Each day I would like you to log into Bug Club and read a book from your library. It is really important that you keep up your brilliant reading skills while you are at home.


It is also really important for you to keep practicing your phonic skills that we have worked really hard on last term. 

This week here are some phonic websites for you to use:


        Phonics play are once again offering a free log in for children and families to use at home.

     You may log in with the following details:

     username: jan21

     password: home

Topic (Geography)

Our topic for this half term is Under the Sea. We are going to use Oak Academy for some of our lessons to help us understand what oceans are, where they are in the world and other important knowledge about oceans.


Our first lesson will be looking at What is an ocean?

Follow this link to access the interactive lesson

You will need some paper or your pink curriculum book, a pencil and coloured pencil if you have one.