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Good morning everyone I hope you enjoyed yesterday's new style of learning and that the lessons were helpful. Today we are learning more about multiplication and division in maths and are going to learn more about using suffixes in English. Our SpaG lesson is based on exploring simple sentences, which will help you when you begin writing your stories in English.


Science this week is how igneous rocks are formed which will be based around an online lesson and a film clip.


Please make sure you sign into Bug Club and TT Rockstars every day to keep your brain in learning mode, and this is as well as your online learning. Miss Chambers, who has been helping us in Year 3, has made sure that all the books in Bug Club are new and at your own ability level so you should have plenty to read to keep you occupied. She has also fixed the problem wiht TT Rockstars so that only the 2, 5 and 10 times tables are there for you to practice.



To keep fit during lockdown Mr Mulock has created a day to day fitness video to help you focus on your exercise. So for today please go to the PE section of the website and see what he's got in store for you today. You can also continue your throwing and catching skills form last week as we will be doing that in the hall this morning.



Today you are learning how to multiply numbers by 10 and 100 but don't panic it's easier than you think  just remember you have to move the digits left to multiply and right to divide. Please make sure you do the quiz at the end.



You will be learning about igneous rocks in this lesson, which also has a nice experiment with it. If you want to try the experiment you'll need some equipment. You will need:

  • a metal spoon
  • a piece of chocolate
  • a tea light candle
  • an ice cube
  • a tray or dish to carry out your experiment.

Watch the lesson first and then try the experiment.


You'll also need your book and a pencil to answer some questions remembering the date and the title - How Igneous Rocks are Formed.

You'll also need to draw at able which will mean you'll need a ruler to make the lines straight and don't forget neatest handwriting in all your work.