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Virtual Snack Time

Bring a healthy snack and join us for snack at 9.30am. The link will be sent via Parentmail.


Today's Snack Time Challenge is to bring some rhyming objects that you've found around your house - this could be words in a book or actual objects!


Today we are learning about blending - click on the link below to join Miss Fabian for a game of blending I spy.


Blending I Spy with Miss Fabian

Motor Skills

From your resource pack you will need:




From your home you will need:

dry spaghetti or a thin twig



Put a piece of dry spaghetti or a twig thin enough to thread beads onto in your dough. Using your pinchy fingers thread the beads onto your spaghetti. Can you count how many beads you can thread on?


Today we are continuing our learning in the phase Just Like Me. Today we are learning to compare amounts. Click on the link for today's learning. I would like you to bring two groups of objects to our Virtual Snack Time tomorrow - one group with more and one group with fewer. I look forward to seeing what you find!


Comparing Amounts

Topic - Understanding the World

Today we are learning to name important places in my community. Click the link below for the learning.


Important Places in my Community



Nursery Rhyme of the Day Today's rhyme is Baa Baa Black Sheep, you can find it in your resource pack if you're not familiar with it or you can click here to find it on YouTube.
Story Time Click here to join Miss Fabian for today's story time - Snap!