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Virtual Snack Time

Bring a healthy snack and join us for snack time at 9.30am. The link will be sent via Parentmail.


You can also bring your "Vocabulary Detectives" learning from yesterday.


Today we are continuing our learning about environmental sounds. 


Click here for today's listening game.


After you have played the game, go on a walk either outside or around your house. Use your listening ears to see what sounds you can hear. Can you talk about what you hear?

Motor Skills

Squeezing Pom-poms


Click here for today's activity - if you would like to challenge yourself, you could do a similar activity using sponges. Can you use a use to transfer water from one bowl into another?


Today we are continuing our learning in the phase "It's me, 1,2,3". Today we are matching representations of 1,2 and 3 to the correct numeral.


Click here for today's learning.

Topic - Understanding the World and Expressive Art and Design

On Friday, people all over the world will be celebrating Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is celebrated by people from China. We call people from China, Chinese. Usually, there are lots of celebrations in China Town in Manchester but unfortunately they will not be going ahead this year. 


Can you look at a map with a grown up and find where you live in Oldham? Once you've found Oldham, can you find China on the map? It's a long way away isn't it? 


Click here to hear the story of Samantha and her family. Find out how they celebrate Chinese New Year.


Just like Samantha and her brother in the story, I would like you to have a go at making your own Chinese lantern. There is a video with some instructions below that you may want to watch first. To make your lantern you will need a piece of A4 paper, some scissors and some glue or sellotape or a stapler - if you are using a stapler please make sure you have help from a grown up. You may want to decorate your lantern and hang it up.


Click here for instructions for making a Chinese lantern.


Bring your lantern to snack time tomorrow.


Click here for a song about Chinese New Year.

Nursery Rhyme of the Day

If you're happy and you know it


Click here for today's nursery rhyme on YouTube.

Story Time Click here to join Miss Fabian for today's story time - Lucy's Picture