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Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed your learning yesterday. Today we are going to be doing some more work on time and in PE we area going to continue with catching and throwing using different sized objects. In spelling we are looking at suffixes and for our Science we are beginning a new topic which is based around forces - so pushes and pulls and what makes objects go faster or slower.




The video is mainly meant for adults to teach you how to throw, but if you listen carefully you will be able to follow the instructions. If you can, get an adult to help  you.


Today you might need a clock handy to help you learn how to tell the time on an analogue clock (one with hands) to the nearest minute.


Today you will be investigating how words change when the noun is plural - that just means there's more than one so one cat, two cats or one baby, two babies.


Today you'll find out about all the different forces and how they affect objects. You'll need to complete the activities I have added below.