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Letters and Sounds


Can you read the sounds below and think of a word that begins with each one?


t    d    c    b


f    l    s    o


You could have a go at writing each word you think of in a list. Listen carefully for all the sounds: say the word, stretch the word, sound the word, write the word.



Listen to the beginning of the story of ‘The Bad-Tempered Ladybird’ by Eric Carle. Pause the story at 7 minutes when it says, ‘it flew across the sea and across the land.’

Talk to your grown up about where you think the bad-tempered ladybird will end up?

Maybe it will land in another country or on an even bigger animal?



Go on a ‘time hunt’ in your house. How many different things tell the time?

E.g. microwave, watches


Have a look at an analogue clock – there is a link to an online analogue clock below:

What time is it now?


Throughout the day, check the time when you are doing your daily activities like eating breakfast, going on a walk and getting ready for bed.



Choose a challenge from the home learning challenges grid.



Can you share one of your own story books with your grown-up outside today?

Dance break of the day

If you don't want to have a go at this dance break, have a look at our other dance break videos on the top tips page, or choose your own. There are some helpful links on the top tips page.

Sing-a-long song of the day

Today's sing-a-long song is linked to maths.