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Tuesday 14th April


I hope you have a had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter! I hope you enjoyed yourselves and ate lots of yummy chocolate smiley Hopefully you managed to try some of the Easter activities, I'd love to see picture if you did!




Today's task is to write a letter to a friend describing what you have done over the Easter weekend. Don't forget to include lots of detail - who? where? what? when? Perhaps you could ask them some questions about what they have done. Don't forget to use a ?.




We will be carrying on with the learning from White Rose Maths on


Complete lesson Summer Term week 1 - lesson 1 focussing on finding 3/4. 


This will be the last activity around fractions for a while so as an extra activity, complete pages 20, 21 and 22 from your maths CGP workbook all about halves, thirds and quarters. This doesn't have to be done all in one day but could be completed over the rest of the week.


Wider curriculum (languages)


Being at home is a great time to learn a skill we perhaps wouldn't be able to learn in school. Today's task is to learn some of the basic greetings, phrases and the alphabet in sign language. There is a brilliant video for children to teach lots of different words and phrases.


Sign Language lesson 1


Every day Natasha and Kelly-Ann will be posting new videos so if this is something you enjoyed learning, keep watching and see how much you could learn smiley