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Tuesday 26th January

Welcome back : ) We hope you have now received your Learning Pack from school. Your Maths sheets for each day match with the work shown in the online Maths lessons. For English, use the lined paper provided in the pack.

We are doing a daily Times Tables Rock Stars Test online. See if you can join us to boost the Year Four score! Don't forget to practise the spellings on the sheet dated 26/01. Have a good day and stay in touch.










MATHS: multiplication

In today's lesson, we will be exploring how to represent word problems using bar models.

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ENGLISH: Non-chronological Reports

Angler Fish

In this lesson, we will be practising and applying knowledge of suffixes, past and present tense.

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Today you will be reading a non-fiction text and answering questions that are based on it. There are two videos today but you are welcome to spread them out through the week if you want to.

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Did you watch last week's P.E. lesson? Did you master juggling with socks? Today's lesson focuses on throwing. You'll also learn about how to learn from every new thing you try (even if you make mistakes).

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Brain Break Activities

We have been learning about Anglerfish and their ocean home. This video is to help you calm and relax by watching an underwater creatures in their habitat.

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