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Hello everyone, here are some activities that you can do each day to help with your learning.



Physical Education

Join Joe Wicks - The Body Coach every morning at 9:00 am on 


Tuesday 28th  April 2020


BBC Bitesize have daily lessons at 

All these lessons are suitable for year 1.




Do you remember the story Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers by Mairi Hedderwick from yesterday? Can you compare the two grandmothers?   The definition of compare means to find the similarities or differences between two or more people or things.


What is Grannie Island like?


What is Grandma Mainland like?




Place Value activity

Label 21 empty pots (e.g. yoghurt pots or any other containers) 0-20.


Children count the right number of beans into each pot. Other small objects could be substituted.

A 0 pot is important to consolidate that 0 represents a zero value.

When they are done ask your child to pour out each of the teen number jars and arrange the beans into a group of ten and then ones (units).



Physical Education


Using Go Noodle on You Tube sing and follow the different actions for these songs.

Move and Freeze

Go Bananas

Peanut Butter in a Cup

Shake Yo Foot

Wiggle It

Banana, Banana Meatball

Purple Stew