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Today is National Superhero Day, head over to Tapestry to see how you can get involved or click here.

Physical Development and Literacy

Today, we are going to be working lots of muscles in our hands, arms and shoulders. I would like you to practise writing your name in as many different ways as possible! Use the name card that was sent home for to support you. If you do not have this, ask a grown up to write your name for you to copy (grow ups please remember to only use a capital for the first letter of your child's name and the rest in lower case). 


Here are some ideas for how you could write your name (share as many as you can on Tapestry):

  • Use a paintbrush and a water and go big outside
  • Put some flour/salt on a tray and use your pointy finger (index finger) to write your name - you could then use a paintbrush, a twig, the end of a spoon to write your name in the flour/salt
  • Use playdough to "make" your name
  • Use chalks to write your name outside - how big can you write it?
  • Find a stick or twig and write your name in mud
  • Use a collection of sticks/twigs to "make" your name
  • Use paint


You may even have some creative ideas of your own which I would love to see!


Communication and Language

Miss Allen would like you to watch her read the story "Penguin" again. If you haven't already seen this, it can be found here or on Tapestry.


In the story Ben imitates penguin. Can you imitate penguin? How does penguin move? Does he make any sounds? Can you think of any other animals to imitate? How can you change the shape of your body and movements to be like the animals you think of?


You might want to use some music to help you - in class we have listened to different pieces by the carnival of the animals and moved to these (remember when we moved like lions?) the different animals from the carnival of the lions can be found on YouTube.


Key vocabulary: copy, mimic, impersonate, be the same as, pretend to be like