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Communication and Language

Sing the song "if you're happy and you know it", instead of using one action at a time, use three and ask your child to do all three actions. For example:

"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands, nod your head, stamp your feet"


Other actions might include:

  • turn around
  • touch your tose
  • touch your nose
  • bend your knees
  • stretch up high
  • tap your head

I wonder how many of your own actions you can think of?


If following three instructions is too tricky, try following three and if three is too easy try giving four instructions.



In the story Owl Babies which Miss Allen read and can be found on Monday, there are three owl babies - Sarah and Percy and Bill. One owl is small, one owl is medium sized and one owl is big. Can you find three toys in your house and put them in order from the smallest to the biggest and then from the biggest to the smallest. Use the language of size as you do so - small, smaller, smallest, big, bigger and biggest. Which of your toys is the biggest? Which is the smallest? Which of the owl babies is the biggest? Which of the owl babies is the smallest? Which of the owl babies is middle sized? 


I wonder if you can do this with more than three toys?