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Letters and Sounds


Today we are thinking about the digraph ch. Watch the ch video – can you blend the sounds to read the words? (You can mute the video if your child is ready to have a go without support).


Can you think of some words that have the ch sound? You could try and remember some words from the video or think of your own.

You could draw some pictures or write a list.



Today, we are going to start planning our story. We are going to think about the main character.

We have come across two minibeast main characters so far: a ladybird who was bad-tempered and a caterpillar who was very hungry. What kind of minibeast will your main character be? What will they be like?


Can you draw a picture of your main character and label it?

There are some ideas below but you can choose whatever minibeast you would like.



Today we are thinking about finding one more.


Can you count the minibeasts and tell your grown-up how many is one more? You can have a go at writing the number that is one more.

Challenge: you could write a number sentence for each one e.g. 3 + 1 = 4


You can collect some concrete objects like stones, pieces of pasta or counting objects to help you. First, count the same number of objects as is on the sheet and then add one more. Try and count on to find the answer; if this is tricky you can start from 1 again.


You can use your number line to help you find one more. Remember which way we go to find one more.



Choose a challenge from the home learning challenges grid.



Choose one of your own story books to share today. Have a look at the front cover. Are there any clues that give you an idea of what the story is about?

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