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21st April


Good morning everyone I hope you all slept well and are ready to learn. Oh and by the way Joe Wicks asks what the name of the big clock is in London and then says it's Big Ben - it's not the bell is called Big Ben not the clock - just so you know!




This week we will be looking at countries around the Mediterranean again but focusing more on the things they grow and eat. 

So if you chose Spain as one of your countries you could research and write about the kinds of crops they grow like fruits, vegetables and any wheat as well as any animals they farm for food or milk. You could then research what types of products they use milk for e.g. cheese - types of, yoghurt or cream. Then you could finish off by looking for some typical foods they would eat in that country e.g. paella in Spain, dolmades in Greece or pasta dishes in Italy. Remember to use headings in your writing and always check you punctuation (full stops/capital letters/commas) and don't forget conjunctions ( because, so, but, however, although)






Use the idea of the sheet to write your own recipe about what you need to be a good friend in your literacy book, you could illustrate it with a good friend witch.