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Good morning everyone it was nice to see a couple of you yesterday in school and I hope you're all well and keeping safe.

I have been asked about learning packs for those of you whose internet can be slow or difficult and I'd like to let you know that there are packs available at the school office for those of you who want them so you can continue your learning even if you have little or no internet.


Fact for today...




You will continue reading a few reports today and then there are some games for you.



Have you ever noticed how plants will always turn towards the light? If you haven't well here is the perfect experiment for you. All you need is a box, some tape and bean seeds (they grow really quickly so not as boring waiting for them!) plus a few other bits and pieces and you can be a scientist!


Write your experiment down in your Literacy book with today's date please. You could use headings like:

Title - How does a Plant Find Light?


Prediction - write what you think might happen


What I did - how did you make your experiment?


What Happened - you'll need to wait a few days for this to allow time for your bean to grow.