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Thinking about the story Stanley's Stick that Miss Allen shared with you yesterday, I would like you to find lots of sticks either in your garden or on your daily walk.


Once you have done that, find 10 used toilet rolls or 10 used plastic bottles or a mixture of the two! If you are using bottles you will need to cut the tops off (ask an adult to do this for you).


Next, you need to label your bottles or toilet rolls with numbers 1-10. Finally can you count the correct number of sticks into each bottle or toilet roll?



Alternatively if you can't find enough bottles or toilet rolls, you could make your own counting tree like the one shown below:



Communication and Language

Can you find an interesting stick just like Stanley in the book Stanley's stick. Use your imagination to play with your stick, what could it become? Maybe you could come up with your own ideas. Take a picture and share it with us, we would love to see your stick creations!


Miss Allen went out and found this stick:



And look what she made with it: