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Today's learning is from BBC Bitesize and all the learning, videos and activities can be found on There are 3 activities for each subject, feel free to do as much or as little as you like.



Today's focus is to be able to identify the days of the week as proper nouns and use them in sentences containing joining words.


Start by reading through the 'Learn' section and watch the short videos.


Activity 1: Writing some sentences

As you have learnt, we use capital letters in a variety of ways.

They are used:

  • at the beginning of a sentence
  • for proper nouns (names, places, countries, days of the week, nationalities, languages)
  • when using I to talk about yourself

Try writing five sentences that uses capital letters for all three reasons above. Make sure you include a joining word in your sentence too. Once you've finished, circle the capital letters and explain why they are capital letters.

Here is an example: My sister, Becky, watched a film with me but I did not like it.


Activity 2: Let's write about other people

Watch the short video about Joe Wicks and then try writing some sentences about it.

Joe Wicks talked about five different exercises in his video. Can you remember what they were?

Write a sentences about each of them.

  • Remember to use capital letters correctly.
  • Include joining words in each of your sentences.

Here is an example: Joe Wicks exercised his upper body when punching the air for thirty seconds.


Activity 3: Days of the week in sentences


Imagine you are recording your exercises or activities in a diary.

  • Record what activities you did on each day of the week.
  • Make sure you use joining words to add more information to your sentences.
  • See if you can use some of your joining words in different parts of your sentences.

Here are two examples:
On Monday, I went on a bike ride with my parents and then I did some English work.
I did some English work and went for a bike ride with my parents on Monday.


Today's focus is learning about the properties of 3D shapes.


Start by reading through the 'Learn' section and then watch the short videos.


Activity 1: 3D shape hunt

Today we are going to see what 3D shapes we can find around the house.

You will need a pencil and a piece of paper.

Look around the house for objects that are 3D shapes. Draw them on your piece of paper. Can you draw and label:

  • the faces
  • the edges
  • the vertices


Activity 2: 3D shapes challenge

There are 3 challenges, how many can you complete?

Activity 3: Count edges on 3D shapes

There are 3 activities, how many can you complete?

Wider curriculum (Geography)

Today's learning is about Antarctica and where to find it on our planet.

Start by watching the short videos which gives a short introduction to Antarctica.


Activity 1: Drag and drop Antarctica

Do you remember what we saw in Antarctica?

Drag the things that Freya saw in Antarctica onto the picture in the interactive game.


Activity 2: Create a postcard

Pretend you have visited Antarctica! Write a postcard home explaining what it is like.


Activity 3

Play pirate bunnies: World Adventure.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Hop on Captain Carrot’s ship and explore the UK and the rest of the world with the Pirate Bunnies.

You can earn treasure by completing quests.