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Hello everyone, here are some activities that you can do each day to help with your home learning.

Physical Education

Today, Joe Wicks is not doing his usual Tuesday daily PE activities so I thought you like to try these activities linked to recognising nouns and adjectives.  Follow the link below and see the talking unicorn.





BBC Bitesize have daily lessons at 

All these lessons are suitable for year 1.



Tuesday 23rd June 2020



Do you remember the story from yesterday’s activity? You listened to the story of

The Bubble Factory written by Tomie de Paolo.  Today I would like you to answer some questions about the story.  You can listen to the story again on this link.


When you answer your questions you can write them in sentences using full stops and capital letters.

The Bubble Factory by Tomie de Paolo



  1. How did the twins know which building was the bubble factory?
  2. What was the head bubble maker’s name?
  3. What was being tested in the Bubble Bathery?
  4. What kind of bubbles, were being made in the Bubble Boutique?
  5. What did one mechanical head have all over its face in the Bubble Gummery?
  6. What did the twins mix in the Bubble Lab when they were not supposed to be in there?
  7. What kind of bubbles the twins invent?
  8. How did Mr. B. and Grandpa know that Sam and Molly had invented new bubbles?
  9. Did Mr. B. like the new bubbles invention?
  10. What did the twins get to ride home in?





For this game, you need a dice, a pencil and paper.

Each of you should draw four circles on your piece of paper.


                     2                6                 8                  9


Write a different number between 2 and 12 in each circle.

Roll the dice twice. Add the two numbers.

If the total is one of the numbers in your circles then you may cross it out.

The first person to cross out all four circles wins.

You can make this game harder by choosing bigger numbers and rolling more dice.





Physical Education

Using Go Noodle on You Tube please sing and follow the different actions for these songs.


Move and Freeze

Go Bananas

Peanut Butter in a Cup

Shake Yo Foot

Wiggle It

Banana, Banana Meatball

Purple Stew