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Can you retell the story "Monkey and Me" using the repeated refrains from the story? Can you think of your own animals and different characters to tell the story? You could film your version of the story and send it to me on Tapestry.


"Monkey and Me, Monkey and Me, we went to see, we went to see, some Giraffes!"


Perhaps you can be really creative and choose things other than animals in your story? Maybe the main character isn't a monkey?



Communication and Language

Can you find a cuddly monkey or any other animal? Imagine a monkey (or whatever animal you have) is coming to stay at your house for a week. Can you pack them a bag with all of the things they will need to sleepover? Can you make them a nice cosy place to sleep? Can you look after them and make them feel welcome in your home? What will your guest eat? What things will you do together?