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Understanding the World and Expressive Art and Design

In the book, Christopher Nibble, Christopher looks after the world we live in by protecting his dandelion and making sure he is preserving (keeping safe/protecting/making sure it lasts) nature.


Looking after the world we live in is really important. Another way you can do this is by recycling and reusing. Can you find things at home that you no longer need or use and make them into something exciting? Things like old tubes, bottles and yoghurt pots. Instead of throwing them in the bin make them into something new and exciting.



There are lots of ideas on CBeebies including a video from Junk Rescue showing how to make musical instruments from toilet roll tubes!


There are more episodes with different ideas here.


Listen to and perform the Recycling Song.


Watch My First Recycling. After, can you find the recycling bins at your house? Can you put cardboard, paper and other safe items into the correct recycling bins? What day do your bins get collected? Which bins are collected and what goes in them?