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Numeracy - Please copy and complete the following questions into the Numeracy book provided. Look carefully - we are subtracting today. Don't forget to put your brakes on!



Today, I would like you to create your own WOW word dictionary. Can you think of words that will make me say WOW and then add the definition next to each one? You can either do this in your Literacy book or get creative and make your own booklet/dictionary. 


WALT: create a WOW word dictionary



  • high - level vocabulary
  • use a dictionary
  • use an IPAD/computer
  • clear definitions (word meanings)



Don't forget you can send me your learning on, so I can have a look and upload some of your fantastic learning for your friends to see. 

Art - Look out of your window and draw what you see. Here are some examples that I have found. Don't forget to share your learning.