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All these lessons are suitable for year 1.




Wednesday 8th July

Do you remember the story from Monday and Tuesday’s activities? You listened to the story of Tiny Snail written and illustrated by Tammy Carter Bronson.   Today I would like you to answer some questions about the story.  You can watch and listen to the story again on this link.


  1. What kind of tree did Tiny snail want to get to?
  2. Who did Tiny meet on her Journey?
  3. Why did Tiny the snail try and hide from the sun?
  4. Who sheltered her from the sun how do they do that?
  5. How did tiny the snail get to the Maple tree?
  6. Why did Tiny slide away from the tree?
  7. What lesson did Tiny the snail learn about when she reached the end of her journey?
  8. Who are the people that she thanked for helping her get to the Maple tree?


When you answer your questions you can write them in sentences using full stops and capital letters.


Daily Practise: Choose a number of the day e.g. 10. Practise counting to 10 and on from 10. Count out groups of 10 objects (10 dolls, 10 bricks, 10 pens). See how many places you can spot the numeral 10. Change the number each day and use larger numbers.


Addition and Subtraction  - Word Problems


  1. Sammy the giraffe has 5 spots. Timmy the giraffe has 6 spots. How many spots are there in total?
  2. There were 7 stars in space. An alien spaceship zapped 3 away! How many stars were left?
  3. The happy penguin ate 4 fish. His friend ate 5 fish. How many fish did they eat in total?
  4. Jim had 18 sweets. Lee gave him 4 more. How many sweets has Jim got now?
  5. Jack had 17 magic beans. He accidently dropped 4. How many does he have left?
  6. Liz had 11 slices of pizza. She ate 5 slices. How many does she have left now?
  7. Ashley had 16 colouring pencils. Joe takes 7 to use. How many does Ashley have left?
  8. Sam saw 11 rabbits in the field. 7 rabbits more hop into it. How many are in the field now?
  9. The yellow flower has 17 petals. The blue flower has 8 petals. How many flowers are there altogether?





Design and Technology

In today’s activity I would like you to make a snail using Play Dough, salt dough or clay.