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Good morning everyone, I hope you're ready for another day of great learning.



The lesson today is looking at finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a given number. If you can, try to focus on which digits will change because it might only be one of them or it might be more. Go through the text book pages both in your pack and below first and then  try to complete the practice pages but remember the challenge is for those of you who are really up for a challenge.



You'll need to look at the pictures either in your pack or below and begin to imagine that you are the boy in the pictures who has travelled all the way back to the Stone Age. Try imagine how you might feel in such a strange and different place where it is much colder than you're used to and the people, although nice to you, don't speak your language. Try to describe how you might feel if you were the one collecting berries and watching the men fishing and hunting. How do you think you might feel? Excited? scared? happy?


You might begin like this:


Today Om took me into the countryside to collect berries and fruits from trees and bushes, it was tiring work but also fun. We had a rest near the river where some of the men were catching fish to eat. Suddenly someone started shouting and the men picked up their spears and ran towards the sound, I felt quite nervous because I didn't know what was happening until Om beckoned me to follow them.


Remember to use first person pronouns – I, me, we , my, our. Also remember your capital letters, full stops and neatest handwriting.




We are continuing with Spanish greetings today and you'll need the work from last week to help you. Please complete the chatterbox and practice your greetings with another person.