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Good morning Year 3 and welcome to another day of learning. In class we are now working on division  in maths just the same as you and will be trying to learn our 3 times tables at the same time. 

We are also making progress on our drawings for the Little Red Riding Hood story which we can share with you later in the week. 


I hope you enjoyed the science and managed to access Bug Club and the videos I uploaded for you.



Please make sure you look at my guidance and clues carefully as they will help with your learning. Today is dividing by 3 which, of course, is linked to the 3 times tables. Remember division and multiplication are the opposite of each other so the answer for multiplication will always start the number sentence for division like this: 27 divided by 3 will be 9 because 9x3 = 27. You will still need some counters, lego or cubes to help with grouping if you're not sure.



Today we are going to continue with our writing of the story using pictures and symbols as we did yesterday. To help I sent a parent mail out yesterday with the work we did in class so it should be useful. I will do the same again today after the lesson in class.



Remember to  keep practising your spellings and use them where you can in your writing.



Today we are looking at nouns which are naming words like - boy, girl, table, classroom and so on....


For this week I'd like you to carry out some research into different types of rock and write what you have found into your books. I'd also like you to make sure you have logged onto Bug Club and TT Rockstars if you can.