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Good morning year 2! Here are your learning activities for today.



Yesterday we looked at using expanded noun phrases to describe what Dougal saw when he opened the treasure chest.

We are going to carry on looking at expanded noun phrases today. Remember that an expanded noun phrase is adjective, adjective noun. Between your 2 adjectives you need to use a comma.


Here are 3 different pictures from Dougal's adventure.





Task 1

For each picture, write down 5 things that you can see (nouns)


Task 2 

Choose 2 of the nouns you have written down, and write down 5 adjectives to describe each one. Try to pick the most interesting adjectives that you can.


Task 3

For each picture write some sentences to describe what is happening. Each sentence must use an expanded noun phrase using the nouns and adjectives you have thought of in task 1 and 2.


Here are some examples:

Dougal swam with lots of tropical, multi-coloured fish.

Dougal was being watched by some fierce, enormous sharks.

Lots of kind, strong dolphins helped Dougal to pull the treasure up to the surface.



We are carrying on learning about money in today's lesson. We will start by looking at counting in 2p, 5p and 10p to make an amount of money and then we will move on to counting pounds.


To help remind you of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, practice our daily warm up of counting in 2s by raising your arms, counting in 5s by giving high 5s and then counting in 10s by moving your feet - just like we do in class.


When you are drawing coins, make sure that the circle is large enough to write a number in clearly. If you draw them too small, it will be difficult to see what your coin in worth.


Task 1

Have a go at make the following totals using only either 2p coins, 5p coins or 10p coins. Once you have draw the coins you think you need, count them to check your answer. This worksheet is in your learning pack for this week.

Task 2

Following on from yesterday's lesson of counting pence, we are going to look at counting pounds. This could be pound coins or notes. Follow this link for the teaching video from White Rose


Have a go at the questions on your worksheet. This sheet isn't your pack this week, so you can either print it out if you are able or write down your answers in your maths books.

Reading and phonics

Each day I would like you to log into Bug Club and read a book from your library. It is really important that you keep up your brilliant reading skills while you are at home.


It is also really important for you to keep practicing your phonic skills that we have worked really hard on last term. 

This week here are some phonic websites for you to use:


        Phonics play are once again offering a free log in for children and families to use at home.

     You may log in with the following details:

     username: jan21

     password: home

PSHE (Jigsaw)

This week for our Jiggy of the week, we are looking for someone who 'Keeps trying even when it is difficult'. I think this is a particularly important one as many of us start our learning from home. This isn't always easy and it can feel very different to learning in school, but it's really important to keep trying even when you are finding something difficult.


Task 1

With somebody at home, think and talk about something you have been successful at or something you have achieved. This could be a particular sporting achievement or it could be something like learning to tie your laces. It could be something that you have achieved at home or something at school. 


How did it make you feel? It is really important that we are proud and feel positive towards the things we have achieved.


Task 2

Imagine that you have a special treasure chest inside you that you can store your special feelings inside.


Mr Mulock has set some PE challenges to work on each week. Today's challenge is to use an underarm throw to hit a target.


Find a small ball or a pair of bunched socks. You will also need a bucket, basket or box.


Practise: throw the ball/socks in a straight line. Make sure your arm passes your hip and your wrist stays straight. Do this 10-20 times until the object is consistently travelling in a straight line.


Play: Place the target (bucket/ box) at one end of the room. Take 2 steps back and throw. If the ball/ socks go in, you should collect them and repeat the activity but this time take 3 steps back. Continue this until there is no more room to move back into.


Challenge: Can you hit the target using your weaker arm?