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This morning we caught a special visitor on camera in our classroom! Who do you think they are and why do you think they have come?


Fine Motor

You will need:  and some uncooked spaghetti

Can you have a go at threading the beads onto the spaghetti - be really careful and try not to break it.



Have a go at writing your name. Think really carefully about how you form each letter and don't forget to start with a capital.


Challenge: Can you use playdough to make some  of the letters?



Today we will be learning/reviewing another sound - m

You will need:


You can access lots of phonics games to practice your phonics skills free at

Username: jan21

Password: home


Today we are going to be learning about capacity. Watch the video below and then have a go at the challenge.


Understanding the World


Today we are thinking about hot and cold. Can you make some predictions about how quickly ice will melt? Have a look at the video below.

Virtual Snack Time

Grab a healthy snack and join us for Virtual Snack Time. Today, I would love for you to share something that begins with today's sound - m.


Virtual Snack is at 2.10pm and the link has been sent via ParentMail.

Story Time



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