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Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed your lessons yesterday - especially the Science as I know some of you managed to do the experiment.


Today we are going to learn all about multiplying by 10 and 100 in maths and continue looking at the Man on the Moon clip in English.


For Guided Reading you will need to listen to the lesson and answer questions in your book and for Computing you will need to carry out further research around our Angry Earth topic.


Today we are linking place value and multiplication so your times tables will come in handy.



You'll need to carry out the tasks in your book with the title Man on the Moon - complex sentences and the date.

Guided Reading


Please watch the short lesson and answer the questions in your book under the title Mulan - guided reading. Today's lesson is about predicting what you think the story will be about and what the character is like.



Today I'd like you to research at least 5 volcanoes in different parts of the world, so you might choose one in South America, North America, Asia, Europe and Indonesia. I'd like you to find find out the following facts and put them into a table like the one below.