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Good morning smiley

Here are your learning activities for today. Don't forget to send me some pictures of your learning to our class email



Over the next few days we will be writing the story of the Magic Paintbrush.

Today's learning objective is to write a story with clear moods.

Follow this link for the interactive lesson



Today's learning objective is to use the 'make ten' strategy

Follow this link for the interactive lesson


The worksheet you need is in your home learning pack.



Today's sound that we are learning about is the 'ie' sound

Watch this video to teach you about the sound first 

Then complete the 3 sheets in your work pack labelled 'Wednesday - phonics'



Work through Wednesday's reading task. Remember to read it carefully and check your answers.



Mr Mulock's challenge for today is to hit a moving target.

Find a small ball or pair of bunched socks. You will also need a bucket, basket or box.


Practise: throw the ball/ socks in a straight line. Make sure your arm passes by your hip and your wrist stays straight. Do this 10-20 times until the object is consistently travelling in a straight line.


Place several balls/ balled up socks around the room/ garden. Place the target (basket/ bucket/ box) in the middle of the room. Start a timer and move around the room throwing from different distances and angles. Keep score and try again. 


Watch this video for more information from Mr Mulock