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Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed yesterday's learning and are ready for another day of study.


Today we are looking at writing the middle of our story in English  and multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit using an array.


For guided reading you will be looking at Mulan as a character today so thinking about how she behaves and her qualities. In computing I'd like you to find out about earthquakes and what causes them, so use the sheet to focus your research.





You'll need your place value skills for this lesson which builds on your previous learning.



Today you'll be looking at the middle of the story and thinking about how the plot develops - so how the girl tries to get a message to the old man.

Guided Reading


Today you will be studying Mulan as a character focussing on her personality and her actions.



Today I'd like you to research all about earthquakes. You'll need to find out where, when and how strong and it would help if you searched for the worlds most famous earthquakes. I've included a sheet to give you an idea of what you need to look for  and the kinds of information needed.