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Hello year 2, I hope you are all well. Here are your learning activities for today smiley



Today's learning objective is to write an explanation text using the plan you created on Monday.

Follow this link for the interactive lesson



Today's learning objective is to write equations to show comparison.

Follow this link for the interactive lesson

The worksheets you need are in your home learning pack for this week.



Today's sound is 'ew' making the 'oo' or 'yoo' sound.

Watch this video then work through the 3 worksheets in your home learning pack.



Read through your reading comprehension in your home learning pack. Remember to read it carefully and show your answers carefully.



We will be carrying on with our unit It's OK not to be OK.

In today's lesson we will be talking about worries and how to deal with them.

Follow this link for the interactive lesson



Mr Mulock's challenge for today is to throw at an elevated target. 

Start by finding a small ball or a pair of bunched socks. You will also need a bucket, basket or box.


Practise: throw the ball/ socks in a straight line. Make sure your arm passes your hip and your wrist stays straight. Do this 20-30 times until the object is consistently travelling in a straight line. This time you should be throwing up the stairs.


Play:  Place the bucket on the 1st step and aim. If you hit the target move the bucket up one step. Continue until the bucket is at the top of the stairs.


Challenge! Repeat but this time start from the top of the stairs and aim down.

Watch this video for more information