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Good morning everyone I hope you had a good day yesterday even though the weather was horrible. Today we will continue the maths looking at bar models for solving problems and planning the ending of our story about the Man on the Moon.

We have a new book in our guided reading section all about the King of the Sky by Nicola Davies and I'd like you to begin researching Tsunamis for your computing lesson.


Today you will be using a bar model to solve multiplication models which I hope will help your understanding of how to use these to divide as well.



You will be writing part of the end of the story today making sure you focus on those expanded noun phrases and complex sentences as you have been taught throughout this unit.

Guided Reading


We have a new story today which I hope you will enjoy. Today you will be thinking about the overall idea of the story.



Today I'd like to find out about Tsunamis and their causes. Try Wikipedia and  look at  ones that have happened fairly recently.

Fill this in or copy it into your book.