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Virtual Snack Time

Bring a healthy snack and join us for snack time at 9.30am. The link will be sent via Parentmail.


You can also bring your Chinese lantern that you made during your understanding the world learning yesterday.


Today we are learning about the initial sound "t".


Click here to join Geraldine the Giraffe in a hunt for things that start with "t".


Have a look at the picture below. What can you see that starts with the "t" sounds?


Share what you spy on Tapestry.


Learning challenge - go on a hunt around your house for things beginning with "t". Bring some of what you find to snack time tomorrow.

Motor Skills

Cooked Spaghetti and Scissors

This activity is a firm favourite in Nursery and is great for getting your fingers working. For this, you will need some spaghetti and some scissors. You may want to try this with a knife and fork too.


Simply cook your spaghetti, place it on a plate or try and use scissors to cut it up.



Today we are continuing our learning in the phase "It's me 1,2,3". Today we are learning to match quantities to numerals.


Click here for today's learning.

Topic - Hands and Voices Click here for today's Hands and Voices Music lesson with Mrs Saville.
Nursery Rhyme of the Day

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes


Click here for today's nursery rhyme on YouTube.

Story time Click here for today's story with Miss Fabian - Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?