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Good morning everyone I hope you had a good day yesterday. Today you will be learning more about time and looking at am and pm in maths and in English you will be continuing looking at non chronological reports about portia spiders.

In guided reading you are starting a new story so that should be interesting hopefully. 


Today you will be looking at am and pm time and what that means.



Today you are beginning to find out information for your non chronological report about portia spiders.

Guided Reading


Today your new story is The Firework Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman.



Today I'd  like you to make a title page for your  report in English so you'll need to have a look at the type of font you would like for the title, any pictures you would like to include and how you would like to set it out. I have included an idea for you below but I'm sure you will be able to do much better than me.