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Fine Motor

Ask a grown up to draw some patterns on a strip of paper. Use your child friendly scissors to cut as close to the pattern as you can.



Group 1


Group 2

Review and practice blending


Today we are ordering numerals to 10.


You can use your number cards from you home learning resource pack for this challenge.

Virtual Phonics

Virtual Phonics is at 12.45pm and a link has been sent via ParentMail. You will need a whiteboard, pen and sound mat. See you there!


Understanding the World – On the Farm


WALT: know the names for the offspring animals

In this set of lessons we will learn how animals grow. In this lesson with Miss Hughes, we will think about animals that live on a farm and learn to identify their offspring. At the end of the lesson, you will test your new knowledge by matching the baby animals to the adult animals.

Virtual Snack Time

Grab a healthy snack and join your class for Virtual Snack Time. Can you share the name of a baby animal from the farm?



Virtual snack in at 2.10pm and a link has been sent via ParentMail.

Story Time

Faraway Farm