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Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning Year 1! We are really looking forward to seeing you all next week. We can't wait to have everyone in year 1 back together again smiley




Lesson 8: To use the language of position, direction and movement

In this lesson you will practice giving and following directions using the language of direction.

Follow this link for the lesson from Oak Academy

The worksheets you need are in your home learning packs for this week.




Lesson 8: To explore a character's thoughts and feelings.

In this lesson we will be exploring how the hatmaker's son feels when he meets the monkeys.

Use this link for the lesson from Oak Academy




Lesson 4: How do people move around in London?

In this lesson you will be learning about different modes of transport used by people in London.

Follow this link for the lesson from Oak Academy




Today's sound that we will be learning about is 'oy' such as in 'boy'.

Watch this video to learn all about the sound

You can also use the use the websites below to help learn your phonics sounds.

You can log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home




It is important that you carry on practicing your reading skills whilst you are at home. 

You all have books in your Bug Club library on the Active Learn website.

ActiveLearn: Login (

All books have questions for you to answer once you have read a book.  If you cannot remember your Username or Password please email me on the class email address.