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Fine Motor

Get creative and create a masterpiece using only paint and your fingers.


Group 1

Practice blending

Group 2

igh - this is our first trigraph (3 letters to make one sound)


Today we are comparing numbers within 10.



Understanding the World – On the Farm


WALT: know what farm animal offspring need to grow


In today's lesson, we join Miss Sidenius in learning about how farm animals grow, including what different farm animals need to grow. We end the lesson with a fun task creating some potato print chicks, just like you might see on a farm. To extend this lesson, you could talk about other baby animals that you might find on a farm.

Virtual Phonics

Virtual Phonics is now at 1.45pm and a link has been sent via ParentMail. You will need a whiteboard, pen and sound mat. See you there!

Virtual Snack

Grab a healthy snack and join your class for Virtual Snack Time.


Virtual snack in at 2.10pm and a link has been sent via ParentMail.

Story Time

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