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Fine Motor


Choose one or two of the fine motor activities below.


Sensory writing

-Fill a baking tray with a thin layer of salt, sand, glitter or sieved flour

-Use a pencil, fork, spoon, paintbrush or your finger to practice writing sounds or tricky words

Phase 2 - I, no, go, to, the

Phase 3 - he, she, we, me, be, was, you, they, are, all, my, her



-Cut different coloured card into strips and demonstrate how to thread the paper under, over and under again through slits in another sheet of paper

Pattern matching

-Draw some zig zags/spirals/letters/numbers on paper

-Use loose parts such as pasta, rice, buttons, stones, stickers etc. to place on top

-You can make this more challenging by using tweezers or a peg to pick up and place the loose parts

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Listen to the story ‘The Colour Monster’. Talk to your grown-up about a time you have felt happy, sad, angry, scared and calm.

Understanding the World

Using books or the internet, find out some facts about ladybirds. You could make a poster or write some sentences to display your new knowledge. You could even make a video of you sharing what you have learnt.


Expressive Arts and Design

Create a picture of the ladybird.

You could use magazines, tissue paper or coloured paper to cut up lots of red and black pieces and make a collage. You could use paint to make a reflection picture – fold your paper in half, unfold it and paint half of a ladybird on one side and then refold the paper to make a mirror image to complete the picture.



When you share a story today, can you look out for the tricky word ‘the’?

Dance break of the day

If you don't want to have a go at this dance break, have a look at our other dance break videos on the top tips page, or choose your own. There are some helpful links on the top tips page.

Sing-a-long song of the day

Today's sing-a-long song is linked to maths.