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Physical Education

Join Joe Wicks - The Body Coach every morning at 9:00 am on 


Wednesday 15th  April 2020



Talk to your family about one of these pictures taken from the book Katie Morag Delivers the Mail by Mairi Hedderwick.




Write some sentences about one of the pictures in your books.  Remember a sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.  Names of places and people start with a capital letter.




Have a look at this maths website  and have a look at the addition and subtraction games for year 1 (5-7years).  Try some of these games. 


Design Technology


As we have been looking at islands in our story this week I would like you to design and make a lighthouse.  A lighthouse is an important building for the people living on an island because it because of many different reasons. Do you know any of these reasons?  You can build your lighthouse using what materials you have at home like boxes, Lego, or drinking bottles but you may have other materials.  Think about your designs and I would love to see some photographs for the lighthouse that you build. Here are some pictures of what other people have made before.