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Expressive Art and Design

Choose your favourite nursery rhyme or song. I would like you to make an instrument that you can use to perform your song. There are some ideas here for how you can make your own instrument:


Once you've made your instrument sing your nursery rhyme or song and play your instrument. Get an adult to record you and upload it on Tapestry.

Communication and Language

Play sound talk Simon Says. This is a game we play at school during our phonics learning so the children should be familiar with it. This differs from the usual version of this game as it segments (separates) the sounds in words. The children have to blend (put the sounds back together) in order to follow the instruction. This is a really important skill the children need before learning to read and write.


For example - I have written some of the words as they would sound phonetically and written the word in brackets after:


"Simon says touch your h-ea-d"

"Simon says t-ur-n around"

"Simon says give me a w-ai-v (wave)"

"Simon says stick out your t-u-ng (tongue)"


Think of your own instructions too, they could involve picking up an object or completing a task. Can your child use sound talk to give you instructions (this is much harder so don't worry if they find this tricky)!