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Join Joe Wicks (the body coach) on Youtube for your PE lesson this morning :) 



WALT: understand percentages


Watch Week 2 - lesson 3 before completing the questions.





WALT: draft a story using our plans


Now we have created our character, thought about the setting, created expanded noun phrases, ISPACE sentences and completed our plans, it is time to draft your story. 


Using the plans you created yesterday, you are now going to draft the story (4 paragraphs - miss a line to show each new paragraph and remember to use ISPACE to open).


Can you use: 

ideas from your character profile?

vocabulary and predictions from your the image lesson?

the expanded noun phrases you created?

the ISPACE sentences you created?


Please remember to use A , and . 


Can you add relative clause sentences using punctuation for parenthesis () ,, -?