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Wednesday 24th Feb

Hello, welcome back. We hope you are all well. We have been noticing the first signs of Spring around the school grounds- some of the plants are growing back and the birds are singing. Soon you'll be able to see them for yourselves. Not long now until you can come back to school. We're really looking forward to seeing you all again!

In the meantime, keep on going with your Home Learning. We're proud of how hard you are working. Don't give up : )

Here is the work for today. Remember, if you are stuck on your work, rewind or pause the videos and give yourselves time to figure out the task.












MATHS Problem solving: Choosing operations

In today's lesson, we are going to explore a multi step problem and decide which operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division will solve each step.

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ENGLISH - Borrowers Lesson 3

To revise our knowledge of word class.

In this lesson, we will revise our knowledge of word class and the definitions for each word class. We will construct sentences using various nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

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Hope you're enjoying finding out about Guide Dogs as much as we are. We were amazed to see a Guide Dog posting a letter in yesterday's Brain Break video! Today's task is to sequence information found in the text. Remember to read through Monday's text again. Underline any sentences that match with those you are sequencing. This will help you to put them in numerical order.

Keep reading on Bug Club to help develop your stamina for reading.


For today's Spanish task you are going to continue the work in your Spanish booklet. You can also revisit the videos from the week before half term. These are the ones that introduce you to how to say the date in Spanish. When you come back to school, you will have the opportunity to practise this every day. Can you remember how to ask someone when their birthday is in Spanish? The more you practise, the better you will get.

GEOGRAPHY - Rivers - Why are rivers important to people?

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CLICK HERE to listen to Cressida Cowell read chapter 12 of How to Train Your Dragon

CLICK HERE to learn about canals and how they are used



Oooops! I (Mr Dutson) put the photo on the wrong day.

It's lunchtime and I've finally got the correct photo on the correct day.

... but what is it?