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Using your hands like scoops, pick up two handfuls of bricks, like Lego or Duplo. Lay them out in front of you. Which pile has "more", and which pile has "less" or "fewer"? How do you know? Check by counting how many in each pile. Do your piles have the same amount? If you repeat this, do you think you will pick up the same amount each time? Do it again and check. 


Perhaps you could try "scooping" other objects such as pasta or grapes. Do you think you will scoop up more or less than you did of the bricks?


Understanding the World

Plant leftover carrot tops in a saucer of water. Watch and wait - how do they change over time? You could even take photos to create a photo log of how they change.



If you enjoy doing this, follow this link to find some more vegetables that you can regrow at home: