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Choose a book that you have at home. Before sharing the story, can you find:

  • The front cover?
  • The back cover?
  • The title?
  • The author?
  • The illustrator?


Share the book with a grown up or an older sibling. While you are reading talk about the book, what is happening in the pictures? Who are the characters? What do you think will happen at the end of the story (if you haven't read this book before)? Once you finish the book, discuss what you enjoyed about the book and why.


Can you draw a picture from the book? 


Physical Development - Fine Motor

Draw some patterns on paper - you might want to use the ones in your home learning pack or you can create your own. Then use something small - perhaps buttons, rice, paperclips or beads - using your pinchy fingers (index finger and thumb) to place your small objects along the lines to create art!



 Communication and Language

Do you remember the story "Penguin" that Miss Allen read to you? In it, Ben fired penguin into outer space! Talk about what penguin might have seen. Draw a picture of what penguin might have seen (this can be real or imagined). 


Here's some relaxing space ship sounds to help you: