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Hello everyone, here are some activities that you can do each day to help with your home learning.

Physical Education


Join Joe Wicks - The Body Coach and his wife Rosie this morning at 9:00 am on 





Wednesday 6th May 2020


BBC Bitesize have daily lessons at 

All these lessons are suitable for year 1.





Today I would like you to listen to another great story about Katie Morag who lives on the Island of Struay.  This story is called, Katie Morag and the New Pier by Mairi Hedderwick. You can listen to it on YouTube at

When you have listened to the story talk to your family about it and tell them what you enjoyed and why?





Finding and Ordering Numbers Activity


Today I would like you to go on a number hunt around the rooms in your house with a pencil and piece of paper.  Can you see lots of different numbers?  Write down all the different numbers that you see. You will probably see large numbers and small numbers.  Make sure you write the digits the correct way e.g. 1 next to a 7 is seventeen but 7 next to a 1 is seventy-one.  Find different ways of ordering the numbers that you find.  You could write them down smallest number to biggest number or visa versa.

Try ordering these numbers.



Physical Education


Using Go Noodle on You Tube please sing and follow the different actions for these songs.


Move and Freeze

Go Bananas

Peanut Butter in a Cup

Shake Yo Foot

Wiggle It

Banana, Banana Meatball

Purple Stew