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Number 8

  • Can you find number 8 anywhere in your house?
  • Can you find different ways to represent? (Fingers, counting 8 objects from a larger group of objects, how about money?)


Expressive Art and Design

Owls are nocturnal animals which means they sleep in the day and are awake at night. Can you use a white wax crayon and black paint to make a night time picture?



Make marks with a white wax crayon (you could use the edge of a candle if you don't have a white crayon) and wash over it using black paint and a paint brush. If you don't have these things at home, use a brush and water outside to create a night time scene - perhaps you could use rocks and twigs to make the moon and stars.




Can you make your own owl babies picture using the stamping method? You could try a cork, cotton wool ball, or half a small potato - anything you can find at home.


Dip your object in paint and create your own owl babies, if you don't have white paint don't worry these can be rainbow owl babies! If you don't have any paint perhaps you could try stamping outside with water or mud?


Physical Development

For a little bit of fun and some exercise, why not try our favourite action dance and some others. Click here for the Skeleton Dance.