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Communication and Language

In the story "The Enormous Turnip", there are lots of prepositions (words to describe where something is in relation to something else). 


Play the Preposition Game: this can be done with a grown up and you can go to different positions or you could use a toy. Once you've had a turn, can you give a grown up instructions. Can you use the following prepositions:

  • behind
  • in front
  • under
  • next to
  • beside
  • on



Number 2

  • Can you find the number 2 anywhere in your house?
  • Can you find different ways to represent number 2? (Fingers, counting 1 object from a larger group of objects)


Expressive Art and Design

This activity is inspired by Hunter who did this at home for some of his family. Thank you Hunter!

Many of us won't be able to see lots of our loved ones for a while, this activity is to help them know that we are thinking of them and to make them smile!


Draw/paint/collage a picture and then ask a grown up to take a picture and send it to them.