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Hello everyone, here are some activities that you can do each day to help with your home learning.

Physical Education


Join Joe Wicks - The Body Coach this morning at 9:00 am on





Wednesday 13th May 2020





Have look at these websites and try the different online phonics activities.







What Can You Do in a Minute?


Ask an adult to find a clock or a watch that has a seconds hand on it and I would like you to stand at the side of a chair.  Your adult is going start to time you for 1 minute.  When you think a minute the minute is up you need to sit on the chair.  How accurate were you?  What could you do to help you recognise the minute?


Can you do these challenges in 1 minute?


Can build a tower of 30 Lego bricks?

What number can you write up to?

How many times can you write your first name?

How many star jumps can you do?

What can you draw in 1 minute?






David Hockney

Whilst you are out on a walk, take a photograph of a landscape view that you like. Then look at the work of David Hockney on Google and see if you can use lines to draw your landscape like he does. Think about what colours he uses.